Jill Sweete fucking : “The Candy Store”

Name: The Candy Store

Language: English

Duration: 76 min


Year: 1972

Country: United States

Actress: Candy Samples,Orita De Chadwick,Nancy Martin,Annette Michael,Jill Sweete,Tracy Handfuss

Actors: Billy Lane,Jim Frost

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Candy Samples, the grandmum of porn whose monumental knockers bounced their way across stage and screen, lets it all hang out in this piping hot twin feature. In Candys Cat House, she plays mum hen to a squadron of suck-happy hookers. Satisfaction is guaranteed at this house of ill repute. Meow! Candy is decked out in a low-cut gown, which displays her cosmic cleavage. (It looks like shes hiding two midgets under there.)In between breaking in the new help, she takes time out for some bone chugging of her own. (She has a tongue that unravels like a Slinky.) If any of her pussycats get out of line Candy dishes out some whip-snapping punishment ( as well as some sexual healing). Things perk up when Candy is visited by some Mexican guy who wants to sell his girl (pronounced seester. I dont buy people, says Candy, but changes her mind when she learns Rosita is a virgin. It proves to be a good investment because later on some hairy cowpoke pays $1000 to pop Rositas tortilla. Is Candy dandy? Does Mexico have dirt?


Heather Wayne sex in “Inside Candy Samples”

Name: Inside Candy Samples

Language: Russian

Country: United States

Duration: 79 min

Director: Drea

Year: 1985

Categories: Heather Wayne sex, 1985, United States, Russian, Drea, Candy Samples, Heather Wayne, Jessica Wylde, Aurora Lee, Hershel Savage, Steve Drake

Actors: Hershel Savage,Steve Drake

Actress: Candy Samples,Heather Wayne,Jessica Wylde,Aurora Lee

Dr. Candy Cox, played by the outrageous Candy Samples, is a world-renowned sex therapist with an extremely horny caseload. Both men and women flock to her office for sexual advice, lesguys in technique…and a little nookie. "Although Dr. Cox has never been known to refuse a case, her assistant, the vivacious and ever-creamy Loretta (played by Heather Wayne), is usually the one who does all of the sexual "dirty work." However, when the handsome Rob (Herschel Savage) walks into her reception room, Candy knows instinctively that this is the man who can supply her own unique sexual needs.


Doreen Cormier porn videos in “Big Bust Babes 3”

Name: Big Bust Babes 3

Language: English

Country: United States


Duration: 115 min

Year: 1987

Actress: Candy Samples,Little Oral Annie,Rhonda Jo Petty,Roberta Pedon,Roxanne Brewer,Darlene English,Doreen Cormier,Marla Monroe,Sza Sza Brastowski


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This video holds back nothing as it snaps the clasp to unleash itself! Share with these buxom beauties the excitement as you lose yourself in the cleavage canyons of their Double D assets. The ultimate collection of the hottest NATURAL big tit stars strip down and show you what they’ve got! See Roberta Pedon, the hot young hippy chick with a pair that put all others to shame! This DVD takes you back to the natural and honest beauty of yesterday’s tit stars and away from the silicone cookie cutter girls you see today. Also includes the infamous Little Oral Annie, supermodel Anna Ventura, and the bowling ball knockers of Darlene “Yum Yum” English! 14 lonely bra-busters in all!