Laurie Blue nude : “Adolescentes A Louer”

Name: Adolescentes A Louer

Director: Gary Graver

Language: French

Year: 1979

Duration: 58 min

Country: United States

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Actors: Mike Horner,Mike Ranger,Blair Harris,Jesse Adams,Richard Pacheco,Michael Morrison,Ken Scudder,Harry Freeman,Gary Eberhart,Charles Hooper

Actress: Aunt Peg,Holly McCall,Jennifer West,Kitty Shane,Jane Lindsay,Liza Dwyer,Angel Ducharme,Laurie Blue

A sizzling 1975 romp starring the delicious Annette Haven as a sexy scientist who`s discovered a new formula that could help expand people`s memories. When a foreign government tries to steal the formula, Annette finds herself captured by enemy agents. Implementing their torturous techniques, they try to get Annette to reveal the formula to them, driving her mad with sheer pleasure instead of pain. Erotic espionage and a stellar cast add to this classic `70`s caper!


Desiree Cousteau – Vintage retro porn 70th porn

Name: Ms Magnificent

Country: United States

Duration: 79 min

Language: English

Director: Joe Sherman

Year: 1979

Actress: Desiree Cousteau,Sharon Kane,Jesie St. James,Holly McCall,Liza Dwyer,Starr Wood

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Actors: Mike Horner,Jesse Adams,David Morris,John Seeman,Larry Davis,Freddi Nobodi,Vernon Von Bergdorf

Desiree Cousteau - Vintage retro porn 70th porn

Does two things extremely well…one of them is fly! In 1979 when first released, this film was titled Superwoman. But court action chocked up the producers to retitle the picture to Ms. Magnificent.A Sci-Fi Comedy sex-epic that stars Hustler Centerfold, succulent and curvaceous, Desiree Cousteau as a super-heroine with powers of flight, super-strength, enhanced senses and a weakness to a glowing green mineral. With superb performances all-around, "Ms. Magnificent" is a 70’s flick with all the kick and sexy intrigue of mainstream entertainment! This is the only Joe Sherman video.


70s vintage porn – “Extreme Close-Up”

Name: Extreme Close-Up

Language: English

Director: Carlos DeSantos

Duration: 77 min

Country: United States

Year: 1979

Actors: John Holmes,Jamie Gillis,Jacques Gatteau,Jacques Conti

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Actress: Gloria Leonard,Holly McCall,Delania Raffino,Diane Sloan,Denise Sloan

A writer begins a dangerous, doomed-from-the-start affair with the boyfriend of a lustful socialite and photographer whom she is writing the biography of. Everyone hides a legend sexual desire, but most of us aren’t brave enough to actually satisfy these deepest longings. But Laura Farr is a different breed. Bored with her humdrum marriage, Laura decides to travel to France in order to expand her sexual horizons. There, she befriends the mysterious Marguerite Heller, an erotic photographer with a tantalizing taste for the sensually unusual. Before long, Laura is led into a world of European sexual delights where fantasy merges with reality — and where a willing woman can blossom in the hands of virile studs and lustful ladies alike. In the eye-opening climax, Laura comes face to face with her true sexual self – in a very revealing Extreme Close-Up.


Holly McCall porn : “Skintight”

Name: Skintight

Year: 1981

Director: Ed DePriest

Duration: 87 min

Country: United States

Language: English

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Actress: Annette Haven,Lisa DeLeeuw,Mai Lin,Holly McCall,Connie Peters,Cris Cassidy,Lee Caroll,Maria Tortuga,Starr Wood,Nicole Johnson

Actors: Mike Horner,Paul Thomas,Randy West,Billy Dee,Blair Harris,Aaron Stuart,Michael Morrison,R.J. Reynolds

The doctor in charge of a sex clinic finds himself fantasizing about the sex therapist he has just hired.