Bunny Bleu fucking : “Anal Rescue 811”

Name: Anal Rescue 811

Language: English

Country: United States

Duration: 77 min

Year: 1992

Director: Rick Savage

Actress: Bunny Bleu,Charlie Latour,Kristarah Knight,Brittany Saks,Athena,Goddess Athena

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Actors: Rick Savage,Ron Hightower,Fabian Fuego,Jay Street

Hit the streets with the world’s premiere Anal Rescue . You’ll meet a highly horny and talented group of rectal rescuers including Lieutenant Willy Shafter who uses his incomparable anal techniques, (whether it be a full blown butt-pounding or merely a routine asshole inspection) to end any backdoor emergency. Don’t miss any of the all-anal, pussy spreading action as we go on the road with… Anal Rescue 811