Cory Wolf videos : “Chills”

Name: Chills

Duration: 73 min

Year: 1989

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Paul Thomas

Actors: Ed Navarro,Blake Palmer,Tony Montana

Actress: Aja,Mai Lin,Busty Belle,Mandi Wine,Cory Wolf

Categories: Cory Wolf videos, 1989, United States, English, Paul Thomas, Aja, Mai Lin, Busty Belle, Mandi Wine, Cory Wolf, Ed Navarro, Blake Palmer, Tony Montana, Lesbian, Latin, Asian

Do you ever feel the rush of spine-tingling chills when you see a sexy woman? That’s the feeling you’ll experience when you see superstar Aja in this new blockbuster from Las Vegas video. The white hot bite of chills will hit you with all the power of ice on fire! You won’t want to put it out.