Debi Diamond in Daily lesbian porn classics

Debi Diamond in Daily lesbian porn classics

Name: Anything Goes

Duration: 122 min

Language: English


Year: 1993

Country: United States

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Actress: Debi Diamond,JoAnna Storm,K.C. Williams,Brittany Morgan,Laurie Smith,Viper,Rebecca Bardoux,Kiss

Actors: Tom Byron,Paul Thomas,Marc Wallace,Scott Irish,Cal Jammer,Tom Chapman

Debi Diamond in Daily lesbian porn classics

These babes love to please. Essentially ANYTHING GOES in this hot and hardcore video filled with the most lustful and passionate sucking and fucking that you are ever likely to see!!


Vintage italian xxx in “Poker di Donne”

Name: Poker di Donne

Country: Canada

Director: Antonio D’Agostino

Year: 1987

Language: Italian

Duration: 81 min

Actors: Roberto Malone,Jean-Pierre Armand,Christophe Clark,Frank Balard,Guido Sem,Massimo Lotti

Actress: Karin Schubert,Marina Hedman,Denise Dior,Anna Petrovna,Giusy Bella

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Karin Schubert & Marina Lotar (Marina Hedman, Marina Frajese) star in this classic Italian adult film. Karin is a nymphomaniac who is trying to keep her life away from her husband (Jean-Pierre Armand). After several sexual escapades with strangers she decides it’s time to let him know about herlife. Directed by Richard Bennett and also stars Denise Dior, Jean-Pierre Armand & Roberto Malone.


P.J. Sparxx pussy in “Talk Dirty to Me 8”

Name: Talk Dirty to Me 8

Country: United States

Year: 1991

Duration: 85 min

Director: Jerry Ross

Language: English

Actress: Ashlyn Gere,P.J. Sparxx,Angela Summers,K.C. Williams,Carolyn Monroe,Brandy Alexandre,Trixie Tyler,Stephanie Page

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Actors: Peter North,Randy West,Steve Drake,Tom Chapman

Welcome back to the nation’s only radio station that offers continuous psychological advice and non-stop country music. We’ve got a special treat for you today folks. Ashlyn Gere takes over the prime time slot. After an enthusiastic boy/girl romp, she’ll lead our numerous female listeners in a diddle-with-yourself workshop.Later, our other D.J., Randy West, will show you fans how to get over being dumped by a cheating, two-bit tramp wife with the assistance of lovely K.C. Williams, followed by another typical boy/girler for you. Finally, you’ll be treated to a wild Gere and West belly bounce on our "love chair" which is available for purchase – really! There’s an ad and everything. This will rank as one of Ashlyn Gere’s hottest moments… and there have been plenty.So sit back, relax and leave the dull dialogue to us. We promise lots of talk and talk and some intriguing sex scenes. Thankfully so, because this latest entry in the marketable and popular series is one of the summer’s few high points. A must.


Brigitte Maier porn videos in “Sensations”

Name: Sensations

Country: Netherlands

Director: Lasse Braun

Language: German

Duration: 138 min

Year: 1975

Actress: Brigitte Maier,Nicole Velna,Dawn Cummings,Frederique Barral,Nathalie Morin,Veronique Monod,Tania Busselier,Eva Quang,Helga Trixi,Tuppy Owens,Trixie Heinen

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She’s got a lustful craving deep inside that needs to be filled. In Amsterdam, a young woman is shown the liberated European approach to sex in pairs, in groups and in parties. This film caused quite the stir at the Cannes Film Festival in 1975! Shown at the Cannes Film Festival, it became the first European porn film to become a hit in America and had full-page ads in the New York City papers.


Retro porn black in “Breast Wishes 2”

Name: Breast Wishes 2

Duration: 122 min

Country: United States

Year: 1992

Director: Bobby Hollander

Language: English

Actress: Angel Cruz,Le Dawn,Roxanne

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Actors: Ted Williams

BREAST WISHES 2 has popped all the straps to unleash the biggest tits in the world! They jiggle and jounce and bounce in the most erotic, sexual situations ever! Our hooters range from size 38DD to 56FFF and the limits are ballooning every day! We spared no expense in capturing these beautiful ladies and their bazongas!!


Heather Young naked : “People”

Name: People

Director: Gerard Damiano

Language: English

Duration: 74 min

Year: 1978

Country: United States

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Actress: Samantha Fox,Serena,Marlene Willoughby,Suzanne McBain,Christie Ford,Heather Young,Kasey Rodgers,Ellyn Grant,Kelly Green,Michelle

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Francesca Le porn videos – “Things Change 2”

Name: Things Change 2

Director: Paul Thomas

Year: 1993

Duration: 73 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Actress: Nikki Dial,Francesca Le,Heather Hart,Deidre Holland,Lilli Xene,Paula Harlow,Kelli Thomas

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Actors: Paul Thomas,Jon Dough,Steve Drake,Woody Long

When Lisa leaves her lesbian relationship to discover men, her former lover, Denise, plots to get her back. Hoping to turn her off to men completely, Denise arranges for a handsome stranger to seduce Lisa and then leave her a broken woman. When Lisa runs back to Denise, she finds that things do change and that there is no turning back..


Michele D’Agro movies – “Education of the Baroness”

Name: Education of the Baroness

Duration: 131 min

Language: English

Country: France

Year: 1977

Director: Gérard Kikoine

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Actress: Brigitte Lahaie,Sylvie Dessartre,Maude Carolle,Micky Love,Michele D’Agro

Actors: Alban Ceray,Guy Royer,Jacques Gatteau,Patrice Cheron,Richard Bigotini,R. Lounge

What would you do if you could change places with a Baron and Baroness for one day? In this fast-paced adventure, two servants find out what it’s like to have all the wealth and power they can handle. Hector, the chauffeur and Baron reverse roles during a drive through the countryside. The Baron enjoys chauffeuring, with the feel of the road under him, While Hector enjoys the feel of a sweet young hitchhiker in the backseat.